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5 Reasons to Choose Armed Security Services

Armed Security Services guards provide an enhanced level of protection and deterrence that unarmed personnel simply cannot match. Highly trained and professional, Armed security Services officers act as a powerful crime and violence deterrent while also being ready to actively intervene if threats arise.

For organizations and events that require the highest level of security, armed services are often the best option. Here are 5 compelling reasons to choose armed security services:

1. Enhanced Protection and Deterrence

The primary advantage Armed security Services personnel have over unarmed guards is their ability to provide enhanced protection and deterrence. The visible presence of firearms on security officers is a powerful warning to potential criminals or violent individuals that illegal actions will not be tolerated.

Seeing armed personnel sends a strong message that any aggression or criminal activity will be met with equal or greater force. This visual deterrent makes individuals think twice before instigating violence, vandalism, theft, or other offenses.

In addition to deterrence, armed guards provide enhanced protection by having the tools to immediately intervene and stop violent incidents. Armed guards serve as an active first line of defense, being equipped to quickly suppress threats like active shooters, armed intruders, and terrorist attacks that unarmed personnel would be unable to effectively counter.

Statistics show that the presence of Armed security Services has tangible protective benefits:

      • A U.S. Department of Justice review of multiple studies found that armed guards consistently reduced property theft and vandalism in retail establishments. The visible presence of armed personnel was an effective deterrent.

      • Many high-risk organizations and locations, including airports, hospitals, armored cars, public figures, and more utilize armed personnel because of their unmatched protection and deterrence capabilities compared to unarmed guards.

      • There are dozens of examples where armed security guards were able to stop active shooter incidents by fatally wounding the attackers before more lives were lost. Their ability to swiftly engage threats minimizes harm.

    Unlike unarmed personnel who can only observe and report crimes in progress, the ability for armed guards to use deadly force if all other options fail gives them the greater capability to actually prevent harm and save lives in volatile situations.


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    2. Highly Trained and Responsible

    It’s understandable to have concerns about introducing firearms into already tense or risky environments. However, licensed armed guards undergo extensive training specifically designed to produce a responsible, cool-headed, professional armed response.

    Before being certified and licensed to work as armed personnel, guards must first complete comprehensive training programs and assessments to demonstrate knowledge of weapons safety, situational awareness, regulations, and proper use of force procedures.

    Ongoing training reinforces critical skills like target awareness, verbal de-escalation, and proper threat assessment. Guards are taught to seek peaceful resolutions first whenever possible. Force, especially lethal force, is only authorized in response to imminent threats of deadly harm. The strict criteria establish that guns can only be used as an absolute last resort.

    Armed guards must demonstrate not just weapons proficiency, but the temperament to carry lethal force responsibly. Rigorous screening, including psychological evaluations and background checks, ensures only suitable individuals who show good judgment become Armed security Services personnel.

    Once on the job, guards follow standardized operating procedures and rules of engagement that limit when they can unholster or discharge their weapons. Negligent discharges or unauthorized threatening display of weapons warrant immediate dismissal.

    In short, enlightened Armed security Services firms train personnel to be level-headed professionals who view firearms purely as tools for neutralizing only the most severe threats when lives hang in the balance.


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    3. Customizable Protection

    Armed security services offer customizable options to deliver the right type and level of protection based on unique risks and situations. This adaptability ensures clients get armed personnel precisely when and where they are needed.

    Different Armed security Services packages include:

    Mobile patrols – Armed guards conduct patrols in vehicles around the perimeter and grounds of a property. This provides regular monitoring against external threats for sites with limited entry points.

    Personal protection – For public figures, executives, or VIPs, armed bodyguards provide close protection services during events, meetings, travel, and more.

    Rapid response teams – On-call teams of armed guards able to deploy within minutes in response to incidents and threats as they unfold.

    Onsite security – Permanent assignments where armed guards monitor premises and screen individuals seeking entry. Ideal for sensitive facilities.

    Event security – Temporary armed presences to secure venues, control access, and oversee crowds at concerts, sports events, conventions, and other functions.

    High-risk transportation – Armed accompaniment and protection for transport of valuables including cash, art, precious metals, or other sensitive cargo.

    Incident response – Tactical armed intervention to rapidly neutralize violent criminal threats such as active shooters or terrorist attacks.

    The ability to scale armed personnel to the specific security challenges an organization faces provides optimal protection. Armed services can be fine-tuned to deliver the right deterrent presence at the right locations without overspending on unnecessary security.

    4. Peace of Mind

    An underappreciated benefit of armed security is the invaluable peace of mind it brings. Knowing trained armed professionals are on guard brings confidence that assets and people are protected against harm.

    Armed security allows organizations to proceed smoothly with business operations, events, transportation, and other activities with assurance that contingency plans are in place for potential worst-case scenarios. Staff can minimize worrying about their personal safety and focus fully on their work.

    Similarly, at public events like concerts and sporting events, visible Armed security Services provides assurance to attendees that their well-being is being protected in the rare chance violence threatens the festivities.

    Armed guards are a form of defense against the increasingly unpredictable threats faced in public spaces. Their presence squelches fears that any random individual could initiate a mass attack against helpless crowds with nothing in place to stop them.

    In today’s uneasy world where risks of violence are always lurking, the sense of security armed personnel impart should not be discounted. Their watchful eye brings confidence to go about life’s activities without excessive worry of random dangers.

    5. Active Security Presence

    Armed security personnel provide an active, on-site security force ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. This readily available protection is far superior to passive measures like surveillance cameras, alarms, locks, and lighting.

    Having armed professionals physically present means threats can be identified and intercepted early before escalating into violence. Their visibility also discourages misconduct, enhances monitoring, and gives people a visible authority figure to turn to if trouble arises.

    Compare this to unarmed personnel who must keep a low profile. They have limited options to intervene and can typically only verbally ask aggressors to leave premises or desist illegal acts. If conflicts intensify, unarmed guards lack the tools to take control of situations.

    Armed responders also excel at responding to emergencies as they unfold. Incidents like active shooters, fires, facility failures, and medical crises require mobilizing to the scene rapidly. Unarmed guards would first need to report back to base and equip responders, losing critical time. Armed units can immediately take action.

    Having trained armed personnel already in place eliminates delays in counteracting threats. This on-site active presence paired with potent defense capabilities is the hallmark of armed security services.

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    FAQs About Armed Security Services

    Q: Is armed security overly aggressive?

    When carried out responsibly by trained professionals, armed security is not inherently overly aggressive. Guards attempt de-escalation first and only use lethal force as an absolute final option per strict protocols. Simply having armed guards on routine patrol rarely leads to uncontrolled escalations in force. Their presence often deters conflicts from starting.

    However, it’s important clients vet armed security firms closely to confirm personnel demonstrate good judgment and self-control. Correct training emphasizing de-escalation is critical. Guards with histories of abuse or overreactions should be disqualified. With appropriate precautions though, armed personnel contribute to defusing rather than inflaming conflicts.

    Q: What kind of training do armed guards receive?

    Armed guards must complete certification courses that cover critical topics including:

        • Firearms safety and maintenance

        • Legal use of force standards

        • Judgmental shooting and target awareness

        • Crowd control and area monitoring

        • Verbal de-escalation techniques

        • Emergency response procedures

        • Security tactics and protocols

        • Situational and risk assessment

        • Weapons proficiency assessments

      Personnel must pass written exams and tactical shooting tests prior to licensing. Ongoing training reinforces perishable skills. High professional standards ensure armed guards have mastery over their equipment and responsibilities.

      Q: When should businesses use armed security?

      Armed security is recommended for businesses and organizations that face elevated risks of violence or theft. Workplaces that operate with high volumes of cash, precious metals, or valuables may benefit from armed protection. Public-facing locations in high-crime areas are also good candidates.

      Armed guards also excel at securing facilities with sensitive information, critical infrastructure, hazardous materials, or controversial operations. Their presence discourages sabotage or attacks. Having armed responders onsite allows rapid intervention against trespassers or infiltrators before damage occurs.

      Any organization experiencing escalations in threats, disturbances, or violence should consider Armed security Services to regain control of their premises. Their unmatched capabilities in deterrence and defense can restore order.

      Q: Do armed guards prevent gun violence?

      Statistics and examples clearly show Armed security Services personnel do deter gun violence in many cases and also stop active shooter incidents when they occur. Armed guards prevent and curtail gun violence through:

          • Discouraging illegal concealed carry in secured zones

          • Forcing assailants to reconsider plans knowing armed resistance is present

          • Rapidly engaging attackers to limit how many shots they can fire

          • Minimizing casualties through fast armed intervention

          • Saving lives through immediate on-site response rather than waiting for police

        Visible armed guards project strength and readiness to act which makes them a proven deterrent against gun violence. Of course, no protective measures are 100% guaranteed to stop all attacks. However, the evidence shows Armed Security Services is the most capable form of on-site defense when firearm threats arise.


        Armed security services provide the highest caliber of physical protection for organizations and events that require a capable on-site security force. The unique advantages armed personnel offer in deterring threats and standing ready to decisively counter-violence make them the right choice for high-risk environments. Their extensive training ensures responsible, lawful, and professional armed response.

        With customized offerings to suit specific needs, Armed security Services provides tangible protective benefits without excess. The powerful psychological comfort of having vigilant armed professionals nearby also lends confidence to go about activities without fear. For unmatched defense, response capability, visibility, and peace of mind, armed security services are an indispensable asset for organizations with elevated security risks and concerns. Their expertise in responsibly managing firearms for protection makes them a more effective security solution.


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