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Private Security Services in Bellevue Washington: Busting Myths and Ensuring Peace of Mind

Being the foremost provider of private security services in Bellevue Washington, Viking Protective Services aims to dispel common misconceptions surrounding the security industry. With over one million security officers employed in the United States, it’s time to recognize their invaluable contributions to crime prevention and public safety.

Let’s explore and debunk six prevailing myths about security officers and highlight the exceptional services Viking Protective Services offers.

Myth 1: Security Officers Are Poorly Trained

Contrary to popular belief, security officers undergo rigorous training programs, making them well-equipped to handle various situations. Many of our officers at Viking Protective Services are former or current law enforcement professionals, bringing extensive experience in handling tense scenarios and preventing criminal activity. Even officers from non-law enforcement backgrounds receive comprehensive training to provide unparalleled value to our clients.

Myth 2: Security Firms Will Hire Anybody

Viking Protective Services prioritizes trustworthiness and reliability. We recognize our officers’ vital responsibility in protecting valuable property and possessions.

That’s why we implement thorough pre-screening and vetting processes to ensure that only the most qualified candidates join our team. We maintain strict standards, safeguarding our clients from unqualified or ineligible candidates.

Myth 3: Security Officers Don’t Care About Their Job

The image of a lackadaisical security officer couldn’t be further from the truth. At Viking Protective Services, our officers have dedicated their lives to helping others, choosing a vocation that allows them to make a difference every day. Our security officers genuinely care about their jobs and the people they protect, ensuring the highest level of dedication and security services in Washington.

Myth 4: Security Firms Don’t Provide Officers with the Resources They Need

Viking Protective Services places great importance on equipping our officers with the necessary resources. Each officer receives detailed post orders tailored to the specific requirements of each property. We set clear and reasonable expectations for our employees, ensuring they have the resources and support to fulfill their duties effectively.

Myth 5: Security Officers Are Aggressive

Contrary to the misconception that security officers are overly aggressive, Viking Protective Services emphasizes professionalism, courtesy, and respect. Our security officers in Washington are members of the same community they protect, providing exceptional customer service and treating others with care and compassion. We recognize the significance of maintaining a positive and approachable presence while ensuring safety and security.

Myth 6: Security Officers Don’t Prevent Crime

The presence of well-trained security officers significantly contributes to crime prevention. At Viking Protective Services, our officers collaborate with local law enforcement agencies, facilitating arrests and aiding in detainment when necessary. While our officers do not possess arrest powers, their expertise and skills acquired from previous law enforcement roles enable them to assist in apprehending suspects effectively.

Moreover, studies have shown that the mere presence of surveillance cameras reduces crime by 20%. Imagine the enhanced level of crime prevention when alert and well-trained security officers join forces with advanced surveillance systems. The combination is a powerful deterrent against criminal activities.

Ensuring Peace of Mind with Private Security Services in Bellevue Washington

Viking Protective Services understands that safety and peace of mind are fundamental human needs. Our mission is to provide world-class private security services in Bellevue Washington for commercial, residential, retail, and institutional customers. Our dedicated team of security officers is committed to upholding the highest standards of professionalism, expertise, and customer service.

We invite you to experience the exceptional security solutions Viking Protective Services offers. Contact us today to schedule a security estimate and discover how we can help you achieve greater peace of mind. Trust in our proven track record, and let us be your partner in ensuring the safety and security of your premises.