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Private Security Services in Bellevue Washington: Reasons to Choose Us

Businesses often face the difficult decision of establishing an internal security team or hiring a private security company. If you carefully consider, though, it becomes evident that contracting with a trusted private security service like Viking Protective Services is a more cost-effective and advantageous choice. Here are the top reasons our private security services in Bellevue Washington are superior to maintaining an internal security staff.

We Provide Well-Trained Security Guards

Our professional security guards are highly trained and possess extensive knowledge in all aspects of security. Unlike in-house staff, they are well-versed in handling security concerns within your premises. Our guards can respond to risks, prevent crime, interview witnesses, conduct safety inspections, and ensure the security of all individuals present.

Additionally, they can assist you in preparing necessary paperwork and reports for potential legal proceedings. With Viking Protective Services, you receive unparalleled expertise and comprehensive support.

We Reduce Your Liability Risk

By opting for our private security services in Washington, you alleviate the burden of liability falling solely on your shoulders. When you have an internal security team, you are responsible for their actions, and any legal repercussions may affect your business and insurance.

However, with Viking Protective Services, you benefit from our liability insurance coverage. Our contract company assumes responsibility for incidents involving our security team, providing you with added legal defense and peace of mind.

Time Saved Is Money Saved

Hiring and managing an internal security staff can be time-consuming and costly. Advertising, interviewing, and conducting background checks for applicants demand considerable effort. You must also invest time and money in training your staff once you hire them.

By choosing Viking Protective Services, you eliminate these hassles. We handle the entire hiring process, providing you with well-prepared, dedicated professionals ready to fulfill their duties promptly and efficiently.

There Is Less Hassle and Inconvenience

Dealing with sick calls and employee resignations can disrupt your business operations and cause stress. Coordinating schedules and finding replacements for absent or departing staff members can be overwhelming.

You can avoid these challenges with our private security services in Bellevue Washington. Viking Protective Services ensures that your site always has available security staff, relieving you of the stress and overtime costs associated with HR and attendance issues. We are committed to maintaining the security of your business, no matter the circumstances.

You Get Flexibility

Choosing our professional security company in Bellevue grants you unparalleled flexibility to tailor our offerings to your needs. Unlike your proprietary staff, we can easily accommodate changes in personnel and schedules as required. As our client, you can instruct us on any modifications you desire, whether related to staffing or operational hours.

Our dedicated service contractors will promptly implement your instructions, allowing you to focus on your core business without HR implications or labor law limitations. With Viking Protective Services, you gain complete flexibility.

Private Security Guards Handle Security Matters Better

Our team of professional security guards can handle security concerns efficiently. We possess the expertise to prepare our personnel effectively and manage them to deliver professional responses in any security incident.

Unlike internal security staff, who may lack the necessary training and focus, our security guards are well-versed in the core competency of private security firms—safety. Entrusting your security needs to Viking Protective Services enables you to concentrate on your business while relying on our exceptional security expertise.

Private Security Is Cost Effective

Maintaining an internal security team involves additional costs such as employee taxes, benefits, vacation pay, overtime, and annual raises. With Viking Protective Services, you can confidently plan your security budget without worrying about fluctuating expenses. Our transparent pricing ensures you receive exceptional service without compromising your financial stability.

Secure Your Business with Our Private Security Services in Bellevue Washington

When it comes to private security services in Bellevue Washington, Viking Protective Services is the ideal choice. By selecting our services, you ensure the protection and welfare of your business, staff members, and customers. Contact Viking Protective Services today to experience the unparalleled advantages of our private security solutions. Secure your business with us and gain peace of mind.